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Alcohol or other drug abuse tears a family apart. COMTREA has established a highly effective treatment program which involves a combination of residential, outpatient, day treatment, and family counseling and education. We have incorporated the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens into our C-STAR program and received international recognition for its success.

We began the program by making some original but not earth shattering assumptions:

  • Alcohol and other substance abuse is a symptom more than a problem in and of itself
  • Adolescents are in a chaotic period of life at best - regardless of the use of alcohol or other substances
  • Neither our educational system nor our juvenile justice system can effectively deal with the most difficult abuser
  • Our society sends "mixed messages" to children regarding sex, drugs, smoking, etc.
  • Adolescents who are "in trouble" with alcohol and other drugs need a holistic approach to recovery
  • The family of the identified abuser must be involved with the therapy for there to be much of a chance of success; assisting the family may bring major benefits to the adolescent which are unexpected
  • The adoption and reinforcement of positive values, principles and healthy coping skills will strengthen an adolescent
  • Services offered must assist the adolescent in learning how to acknowledge and set realistic goals, and objectives and accept personal responsibility for their life

The need for adolescent substance abuse treatment remains constant in the COMTREA service area. The United Way helps fund the program as well as Medicaid and the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

We have made substantial changes to our program which makes it easier to obtain psychiatric services for these children - as the majority of them have co occurring, complex diagnoses (mental health and substance abuse issues). This ability allows us to deal with the whole person and not just the drug-affected part.

Juvenile Drug Court

COMTREA participates as a member of the 23rd Judicial Juvenile Drug Court Team in Jefferson County. As a member, COMTREA works in a collaborative effort to provide drug and alcohol treatment, along with mental health services to those enrolled in the drug court program. COMTREA employs qualified therapists to provide these counseling services. Youths in the program will participate in individual, family, and group therapy. A COMTREA Community Support Specialist will assist and support the client and family through the process of drug court.

Drug Testing

COMTREA staff will provide "chain of custody" alcohol and other drug screening tests for individuals, schools, businesses, or for the legal system. Rates are available through contacting any of the COMTREA locations. Drug testing is also a part of our treatment program and are conducted on site or referred out to local labs.

To learn more about the Athena C-STAR Adolescent Treatment Program click here

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