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Guided interaction with a trained canine and volunteer

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teams work to bring personal growth and emotional healing

Tails with Tales

Tails with Tales (TWT) offers free visits by volunteer canine and handler teams

How We've Grown

Tails with Tales was founded in 2016.
We now have 38 volunteer teams, serve three counties, and visit 25 schools, five libraries, and nine care facilities. Canines of all breeds complete an intensive 8-12 week course and have outstanding temperament, stable personalities, advanced obedience skills, and a strong love for people.

We're Volunteer Driven

We are a volunteer program involving people and their personal dogs.  After receiving proper training and certification, our teams are able to visit nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation units, day programs, special schools, and many other types of facilities.

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Why Canine Therapy

It's been a terrible day. You come home after a long day and your dog wags his tail, licks your hand, and rolls over for a belly rub. Your mood brightens. Apply this positive interaction to schools, libraries, and care facilities for increased engagement and physical and psychological health. 

The Canine Impact

Medical research shows that interaction between a person and a pet can be physically and psychologically beneficial 

Physical Indicators 

Accelerated recovery rates from illness and surgery 
Significantly higher heart attack survival rates 
Lower blood pressure 
Slower pulse rate

Psychological Indicators

Increased interaction and socialization 
Increased sense of confidence and well-being 
Decreased depression and anxiety 
Relief from feelings of isolation


Patient smile as canine sits on her lap in the health center.

"We have seen a transformation in our rehab. The dogs have helped individuals overcome depression and isolation, giving joy and excitement about doing therapy."
- Mercy Hospital Jefferson Rehab Center

  • Teams visit individuals or residents, providing an opportunity to pet and socialize with a friendly, specially trained canine and handler. 
  • Canines may participate in therapy exercises with individuals and residents.
  • Tails with Tales Comfort Program is successful in decreasing health recovery time and advancing speech and language therapy. Canines provide an incentive for physical therapy, increase vocalized responses from children with autism, and incite positive changes and responses for care facility residents.

Canine visits will always result in smiles, comfort, and canine interaction

Once training and proper certification is achieved, teams will visit adults and children in various facilities where residents may be challenged with mental, physical and/or learning disabilities. Teams are carefully chosen based on the dog’s temperament, obedience skills, personality, and willingness to work with their handler in stressful and sometimes awkward situations. 

Contact us today to receive free visits from a Tails with Tales team or to get involved with our program.

Obedience Classes

Basic Obedience

Six weeks - $175

Basic Obedience, based on the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Program, is for dogs age ten weeks and older. Week one teaches the importance of praise, motivation, and timing of correction. Basic manners, safety, collars, and leash walking are a focus during the six weeks. Week one class is two hours long; the remaining classes are one hour long. Walking, standing, and bending are required.

This is a progressive class, building each week on what was accomplished the previous week. We introduce dogs to beginner agility equipment for fun, bonding, and confidence building. We perform the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test during week six. Upon passing the test, paperwork will be provided to submit for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen.

The class teaches how to train your dog to:

  • Interact with a friendly, new acquaintance 
  • Walk on a loose lead or through a crowd
  • Sit, lay down, and stay on command
  • Come when called
  • Properly react to another dog or distractions
  • Positively respond to supervised separation or grooming

Advanced Obedience

Six weeks - $200

Advanced Obedience is based on the AKC Community Canine Program. Dogs must earn the AKC Canine Good Citizen before advancing to this class. 

Treats, a pinch collar, and a harness may not be used. A flat buckle, chain, or martingale are the only collars accepted. This class builds on previously mastered skills, and creates a stronger team by focusing on various distractions and scenarios. Some classes will be held in public.

We challenge you and your dog in the following areas while using a very loose leash.

  • Food distractions
  • Recalls with distractions
  • Walking 20 feet away while your dog is in the sit, lay down, or stay position
  • Greetings with new acquaintances carrying objects
  • Waiting at doors
  • Turns, backing up, and walking behind
  • Waiting at your side for a counter transaction

Thank you community partners

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