Referrals for Psychiatric / Behavioral Health Program

COMTREA offers comprehensive treatment for behavioral health services. For those professionals wishing to refer individuals to COMTREA for continued engagement in care or collaborative services, the following is understood:

  • We know these individuals come to us with many issues and in various stages of treatment with each issue
  • Continued engagement and consumer choice is critical
  • Recovery focus and strength-based treatment is our service model
  • Quick access to care and treatment services are paramount
  • Use of evidence-based practices is expected
  • Multidisciplinary treatment team and service delivery yields stronger outcomes toward recovery

Our services are individualized and integrated to address those needs for:

  • Mental Health
  • Substance Use Treatment
  • Trauma
  • Domestic Violence
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Skills Development
  • Housing and Independent Living
  • Family Dynamics and Parenting
  • Social and Community Support Services
  • Coordinating behavioral health needs with physical health care needs and much more

The modalities utilized are individual therapy, group therapy and psycho education, psychosocial rehabilitation, case management, community support services, and educational groups. We work collaboratively with NAMI, local physician groups, hospitals, social service providers, elder care providers, probation and parole and juvenile justice, court systems, school systems, and many others for a comprehensive recovery based network.

In doing so, the individual is served best with the team approach. The referring professional, if continuing to work with the individual, is encouraged to be an active member of the multidisciplinary treatment team (MDTT). If referring the individual for continued engagement in care, the following will need to be addressed to assure good transition into services:

  • Authorization for release of records, assessments, treatment plan and progress notes
  • Authorization for open communication for treatment recommendations and service transition

It is also encouraged that prior to the service transition, the individual and/or the professional make the referral to the agency. The intake at COMTREA will be completed by a clinician. It is preferred that the individual/guardian takes the active role in the referral process, but if this is not clinically indicated, the referring clinician can assist via individual authorization, in completing the referral.

Please see the steps below to facilitate the process and transfer the individual to care.

Client Preparation

We ask that you spend some time with the individual to prepare him or her (we have specialized programming just for women/adolescent females) for the COMTREA experience. If the individual has significant others in his/her life, they also need to be involved in the preparation. They are encouraged to view the website and to look at the information and the links to more information.

Please have the individual sign two Releases of Information forms which have at least the following:

  • I authorize COMTREA to release all information from my records and exercise free discussion with [YOUR NAME] while I am in treatment
  • I authorize [YOUR NAME] to release all information from my records and exercise free discussion with COMTREA while I am in treatment

The individual/guardian may call COMTREA to arrange for the program while meeting with you. We encourage this as it keeps you as a major player in the recovery process. The amount of your involvement at this time is up to you. Some professionals prefer the individual to do all the work; others like for it to be a joint effort and want to talk to an intake worker about the situation. If the arrangements are agreed upon and an initial screening time is determined, then you can immediately make an aftercare appointment for a time to be mutually determined as appropriate.

Once the individual has left your office, please complete a summary of the situation as you know it and send us (via fax if there is not much time between the appointment and the admission) whatever else you believe we should know about the person referred.

WElcome Center

Our Welcome Center offers walk-in access for behavioral health care. Individuals are seen on a first-come first-served basis. Individuals should bring proof of Missouri residency such as driver’s license, recent utility bill, last year’s tax form, or a statement from your probation or parole officer. If eligible, our staff will connect the individual with treatment that will best meet their needs.

Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline

COMTREA offers 24/7 crisis services at 1-800-811-4760.