COMTREA On The Air - Mental Health Awareness Month

May 10, 2021

Topic: May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Rachael Bersdale, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, is joined with Amy Phillips, VP of Behavioral Health, and Jennifer Loretta, AVP of Youth Behavioral Health to talk about the importance of mental health and services offered by the agency. The group discusses the difference between mental health, substance use, and co-occurring disorders. Additionally, our staff will answer the following questions: 

What are the ways that COMTREA treats adult mental health needs in the Jefferson County area?
What are the ways that COMTREA treats youth mental health needs in the Jefferson County area?
What about kids who have substance use disorders?
What is trauma and how does COMTREA work with kids and trauma?
Is there a high need for mental health services in the schools?
What services does COMTREA offer in schools?
What about college students mental health needs?
How does one get connected with COMTREA services? Is it different due to COVID?
How is technology used in addressing mental health needs?
How can you support individuals in the community and our family who may be experiencing mental health or substance use symptoms?

If you or someone you know needs behavioral health services, contact our Welcome Center to schedule an assessment. Become a patient and join our familytrea by calling 1-877-COMTREA

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