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Meet Jen Heizer, Healthcare Home Nurse Care Manager. Heizer has worked for COMTREA for five years, and began as a Community Support Specialist.

In my role, I see behavioral health clients annually, and complete a head-to-toe health screening on them, covering all the bases of the individual both mentally and physically. I work daily on assisting individuals in accessing needed health care, behavioral health, and social services and supports. As a Nurse Care Manager, I serve clients with managing their mental illness, physical well-being, and other chronic conditions, and educate each client individually on working towards improving their general health and developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

My job is important to COMTREA and the community because I am a stepping stone for our clients. When I sit down with an individual for their health screening, I always begin with asking them to focus on their physical and medical health! My goal is to enlighten clients that taking care of your mental health is important, but not to neglect your medical and physical wellness. I encourage clients to step out of their comfort zones and visit their primary care physicians to talk about aches, pains, questions, and concerns. Prevention screenings such as yearly vision exams, dental exams and cleanings, and well-woman exams and mammograms are vital. I discuss and bring these to their attention in hope of them recognizing how important it is in achieving a comprehensive state of wellness.

I have lived in Festus all of my life! I attended Southeast Missouri State University after graduating from high school, and I have been a nurse for 11 years. I have two sons; there is never a dull moment at my house, and I know way more about Fortnite and NBA 2k18 than I care to admit! I love to cook, but require everyone stays out of my kitchen. I am one of those people that loves winter! It is the snow, ice, burning fireplace, comfy pajamas, warm fuzzy socks, soup, cookies, and hot chocolate.

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