Annual Strategic Plan
& Five Year Plan

Strategic Plan

COMTREA board members, leadership, and staff collaborate and vote on fiscal year strategic plans.  Our plan consists of major categories with detailed goals and indicators.

Mission &

Employee Engagement & Leader Training

& Financial


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Mission & Community Collaboration

  • Increased behavioral health services and access, both mental health & substance use, across the age continuum (children, youth, and adult) 
  • MOUs & engagement with referral partners, including hospitals, to strengthen/expand the continuum of care for individuals served 
  • Integration/collaboration of community resources 
  • Early intervention and outreach to early childhood 
  • Emergency shelter and transitional housing 
  • Education on nutrition, parenting, smoking cessation, and vocational training
  • Establish funding request process for agencies serving individuals with mental illnesses in Jefferson County

Employee Engagement & Leader Training

  • Compensation package - salary scales, incentive payment methodology and bonuses; performance appraisal process and merit-based increases
  • Recruitment of qualified professionals and providers 
  • Staff retention and Leadership Mentoring Program 
  • Cross-training support staff with consistency across departments and programs 
  • Organizational mapping/charts with workflows, work load determination, and scope 
  • Improved security at all locations
  • Internal networking
  • Company benefits
  • Updated mission statement

Accountability & Financial Sustainability

  • Marketing to increase community awareness of services
  • Funding for services from Federal and State agencies 
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of school liaisons 
  • EMR integration with data accessibility to all staff and user-friendly dashboard 
  • Financial readiness for new medical center loan
  • External technology (website, resource-friendly)
  • Upkeep of current facilities with new paint, color scheme, and flooring
  • Restructure invoice payments processing, ordering, and approval system
  • Sliding scale and all fee schedules 
  • Expand and strengthen partnership with schools 
  • Implement security awareness and training program for electronic information 

Integrated Care Delivery 

  • Telehealth 
  • Improve and expand core services 
  • Affordable healthcare and medication funding 
  • Timely access to obtain a first appointment with a standardized integrated intake and timely follow-up appointments 
  • Integrated delivery of care by site and future new build 
  • Internal referral service through Care Coordinators at each division level
  • Outreach and engagement (suicidal patients working with local hospitals) 
  • Evening and weekend hours for all services 
  • Phone contact and scheduling issues 

Five Year Plan

The five year plan was initiated in July 2016 and will continue through June 2021.
The plan consists of five major categories with 20 detailed goals.

Workforce Development

  • Develop and build a sustainable workforce through enhanced recruitment strategies, compensation programs, employee engagement, and educational development.
  • Increase staff salaries to be at the 50% by 2018.
  • Develop implementation plan for telemedicine for optimization of patient care and addressing the shortage of primary care physicians, dentists, and psychiatrists for FQHCs.
  • Partner with Jefferson College to start a dental assisting program.
  • Become trauma-responsive agency-wide and fully trauma-informed in the behavioral health programs.

Financial Health

  • Create a Foundation for A Safe Place and the Children's Advocacy Center.
  • Increase donations/fundraising to COMTREA by 50% in the next five years.
  • Diversification of funding resources to support agency's infrastructure and service delivery excellence.

Infrastructure (IT) & Building

  • Develop transitional/supportive housing for victims of violence at A Safe Place.
  • Develop alternative housing for the adult mental health and substance use population served by COMTREA.
  • Develop a long-term plan for upgraded environment of care, technology, and facilities to support current sites and future growth. 
  • Advance information technology system to support the delivery of care including a patient portal, intake processes, and other web-based information.

Marketing, Communication & Excellence in Quality

  • Increase community awareness of resources for primary care, dental care, substance use, mental health, effective parenting, wellness, and other topics through targeted marketing, community workshops, and educational opportunities.

Access to Care / Coordinated Care

  • Provide needs to underserved consistent with mission statement, updated community need assessment(s), and funding source purpose/intent. 
  • Evolve primary care, behavioral health, and dental care into an integrative delivery model through community partnerships. Achieve optimal health and healing with appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare, disciplines, and workflow coordination.
  • Expand partnerships with schools in Jefferson County with the development of three-to-five school-based health centers that provide age appropriate health care services including primary care, behavioral health, dental care, and substance use counseling. 
  • Open an FQHC dental office in South County-St. Louis by 2019.
  • Expand scope of integrated services provided with addition of specialized services for dental and primary care targeting podiatry and ophthalmology.