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  • Katie Prendergast, Assessment Coordinator

    Katie Prendergast, Assessment Coordinator

    Meet Our Familytrea

    Katie Prendergast, Assessment Coordinator

    September 9, 2018

    Meet Katie Prendergast, Assessment Coordinator, a registered alcohol and drug counselor for the COMTREA adolescent CSTAR program.

    My role at COMTREA includes taking calls for assessments, scheduling appointments, and doing weekly counseling groups for a caseload of clients.

    I feel my job is important because we are ‘planting seeds’ with the adolescents. I am fully committed to helping each and every client and treating them as individuals. It is important to break the cycle of addiction in the family. We help adolescents identify possible reasons for their alcohol or drug use and work on building positive coping skills. We try to fill the ‘tool box’ with a variety of skillsto prevent relapse.

    I have been lucky over the 19 years that I have been with COMTREA to work with people that I truly enjoy. It is important to be able to rely on your coworkers after a long and sometimes stressful day.

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  • Psychiatric Services

    Behavioral Health

    psychiatric services

    Adult man thinking during psychiatry session

    Addiction Psychiatry

    Psychiatry evaluations, medication management, and medication assisted treatment (MAT) for substance use

    Teenager listening to therapist

    Adult Psychiatry

    Psychiatry evaluations and medication management for mental health disorders

    Elderly couple listening to therapist


    Specialized care for adults ages 60 and up

    Teenaged male listening to his therapist

    Youth Psychiatry

    Specialized care for youth ages three and up

    Services available through telepsych or in-person. Telepsych is a video conference at COMTREA with assistance from a  coordinator.

  • Supportive Employment Services Coming Soon

    Woman working

    Supportive Employment Services Coming to COMTREA

    June 14, 2018

    COMTREA is excited to announce offering supportive employment services coming in Fall 2018.

    Using evidenced-based practices, we will work with our clients to obtain and keep employment. Highlighted services will include job identification, job search, job coaching, and benefits counseling.

    Approximately 60% of participants receiving this service achieve employment, compared to a 23% success rate for more traditional avenues. Furthermore, research shows having a job increases personal recovery goals and performance.

    Follow the link below to learn more about disability benefits in Missouri. The online tool provides information for those wanting to work, but afraid of losing income benefits or health insurance.

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