• COMTREA provides the Supportive Parents classes to help parents who are separating or divorcing understand the impact this may have on their children. Class content teaches how to minimize disruption and confusion children may experience as a result of separation or divorce. Supportive Parents is a two-hour course, which is held in a live, online format. This online format has been approved by the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, to satisfy the requirement for divorce cases in the county. Please see below for the list of class dates and times available. To register for an upcoming class, please call or email Heather Borah at 636-931-2700, ext. 1010, or 314-649-0110, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • *Note: Class registrations are closed 3 days before each class date and time.

  • 7/10/2023           Monday               6:15pm

    7/18/2023           Tuesday               6:15pm

    7/27/2023           Thursday              6:15pm

    8/5/2023             Saturday              9:15am

    8/14/2023           Monday               6:15pm

    8/15/2023           Tuesday               6:15pm

    8/31/2023           Thursday              6:15pm

    *9/9/2023           Saturday              9:15am

    *9/18/2023         Monday               6:15pm

    9/19/2023           Tuesday               6:15pm

    9/28/2023           Thursday              6:15pm

    10/7/2023           Saturday              9:15am

    10/9/2023           Monday               6:15pm

    10/17/2023         Tuesday               6:15pm

    10/26/2023         Thursday              6:15pm

    11/4/2023           Saturday              9:15am

    11/13/2023         Monday               6:15pm

    11/14/2023         Tuesday               6:15pm

    11/30/2023         Thursday              6:15pm

    12/2/2023           Saturday              9:15am

    12/11/2023         Monday               6:15pm

    12/19/2023         Tuesday               6:15pm

    12/28/2023         Thursday              6:15pm