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The project

12 families empowered to transition to independent living 

GOAL: To transition the women from the emergency shelter (A Safe Place) to independent living, free from violence and fear for one to two years at Mary’s House of Hope. $3.5 million needed to complete the entire project.


  • Ground breaking ceremony was held on March 17, 2017
  • Public water and sewer installed; site preparation is complete
  • Funds raised utilizing NAP tax credits a year and a half early
  • $1.5 million raised to build and furnish the first home
  • First four families moved into apartments Fall 2020
  • Circle of Hope campaign created to cover operational expenses
  • Legacy of Hope Society Created - 2021

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About the Project

For many of us, our home is the safest place we know, a personal sanctuary where we can retreat and relax. For survivors of domestic violence, though, their homes are not havens. Their homes are cocoons of fear. To escape the abuse, women and men, and their children, need a comprehensive program of education, therapy and counseling, court advocacy, and above all, a secure environment.  

They need A Safe Place.

Our residential program is the only emergency shelter for domestic violence in Jefferson County. Serving the greater St. Louis area and surrounding counties, A Safe Place provides services to meet the immediate needs of domestic violence survivors including physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, psychological, or the destruction of property or pets.
While staying at A Safe Place, survivors learn to break the cycle of violence through individual counseling, support groups, education, and comprehensive parenting, fitness, and wellness programs. Over time and through work with a variety of providers,residents replace their feelings of dependency with self-sufficiency. They learn to build their self-esteem, and work on assertiveness, communication and decision-making skills. They receive assistance with nutrition, budgeting, housing options, job searches, and career planning, in addition to full primary care, dental care, and mental health services. Because every resident is unique, we offer individualized plans that coordinate all services, providing the optimal opportunity for each person to be restored to wholeness.

Adults aren’t the only victims of domestic violence. Children who grow up in abusive homes frequently learn violence as an acceptable means of resolving conflict and exerting control. These children are more likely to become victims or perpetrators as adults. A Safe Place offers assistance to these youngest survivors through counseling, recreational activities, child play therapy, and art therapy. A Safe Place also offers a Pet Protection Program to ensure domestic animal safety.

A Safe Place empowers residents and their children to rise above the pain of domestic abuse and begin a new, safer and healthier life, where they can transform from victim to survivor.

Circle of Hope

Mary's House of Hope works to restore dignity, hope, and independence to survivors of domestic violence.
Through gifts of support, you can empower families as they strive to build a safe, healthy, and financially independent future that is free from violence.  

Program Overview

Your gift to the Circle of Hope program supports operational costs for Mary's House of Hope at A Safe Place. These homes will continue to give hope far into the future. As each woman moves on to her own house, empowered and able to sustain herself and her family, the unit will be refreshed for another survivor looking to secure their independence. 

Fund living expenses

Monthly & One-Time Donations

$50 monthly        
$100 monthly 
$250 monthly
$500 monthly

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Monthly Commitment

$700 monthly (1-bedroom unit)
$800 monthly (2-bedroom unit)
$1,000 monthly (3-bedroom unit)
$1,250 monthly (3-bedroom unit and living expenses)
$2,083 monthly (Two 2-bedroom units and living expenses)

build hope For Survivors

Mary's House of Hope is supported by financial gifts, grants, volunteer time and services, and donations of supplies. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

Legacy of Hope society

How To Leave An Impact

Giving through your will is easy, and no amount is too small. There are many options that can be tailored to your needs.

  • Leave a monetary amount in your will or trust
  • Provide a gift of real estate
  • Transfer stocks and business holdings
  • Donate retirement assets or IRA rollover
  • Gift life insurance funds
  • Designate annual interest earnings
  • Set up an endowment

Charitable Wishes

Your financial advisor can help legacy gifts exist side-by-side with other beneficiaries and family priorities.
We’ll help you find the best fit for your gift so it creates a permanent impact.

Financial Planning

Each type of charitable gift has varying tax laws and flexibilities.
Every situation is different;
Please discuss with your financial advisor or attorney the best plan for you. COMTREA does not provide financial or legal advice.

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