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“By raising awareness we strive to prevent another family from experiencing our tragedy. Helping other families begin anew is a wonderful way to keep Mary’s memory alive”

Sylvia Daniels, Mary’s Mother

Our Impact


Purple and grey tree with circles providing A Safe Place annual service facts. Domestic violence effects 1 in 4 women. ASP has been empowering victims of domestic abuse for over 30 years. ASP offered 5,717 nights of safety. Over 500 individuals educated about domestic violence. ASP received 1,758 hotline calls. Assisted 1,041 women with obtaining legal services. Provided 4,113 hours of social service/case management, including medical assistance. Provided 890 hours of children’s therapy/group counseling. 1,109 hours of individual therapy for women.

 The Project 

4 transitional houses + 4 families per home

16 families receiving care


Four houses with lines two four families under each house.

GOAL: To transition the women from the emergency shelter (A Safe Place) to independent living, free from abuse and fear for one to two years at Mary’s House of Hope at A Safe Place.

  • The first $750,000 raised will fund the building and furnishing of the first home
  • We will raise 3.5 million to complete the entire project
  • The entire campaign is expected to run for three years.  

MILESTONES: The ground breaking ceremony was held on March 17, 2017.

  • Public water and sewer installed.
  • Site preparation is complete.
  • Raised our NAP tax credits a year and half early from our original due date (December 2019). Final donation received on May 31, 2018.


Why We Will Build


For many of us, our home is the safest place we know, a personal sanctuary where we can retreat and relax. For victims of domestic violence, though, their homes are not havens. Their homes are cocoons of fear. To escape the abuse, battered women and men, and their children, need a comprehensive program of education, therapy and counseling, court advocacy, and above all, a secure environment.

They need A Safe Place.

Our residential program, the only emergency shelter for domestic violence in Jefferson County, provides services to meet the immediate needs of its residents, whether the domestic abuse includes physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, psychological, or the destruction of property or pets. While staying at A Safe Place, victims learn to break the cycle of violence through individual counseling, support groups, education, and comprehensive parenting, fitness and wellness programs. Over time, and through work with a variety of providers who offer their services with dignity and respect, residents replace their feelings of dependency with self-sufficiency. They learn to build their self-esteem, and work on assertiveness, communication and decision-making skills. They receive assistance with nutrition, budgeting, housing options, job searches, and career planning, in addition to full medical, dental, and mental-health services. Because every resident is unique, our program offers individualized plans that coordinate all services, providing the optimal opportunity for each person to be restored to wholeness.

Adults aren’t the only victims of domestic violence. Children who grow up in abusive homes frequently learn violence as an acceptable means of resolving conflict and exerting control. These children are likely to become victims or perpetrators as adults. A Safe Place offers assistance to these youngest victims, through counseling, recreational activities, child play therapy, and art therapy. A Safe Place can even protect the family pet; a Pet Protection Program ensures domestic animal safety, too.

A Safe Place empowers residents and their children to rise above the pain of domestic abuse and begin a new, safer and healthier life, where they can transform from victim to survivor. 

Mary's Story


Mary Daniels lived for years with an abusive husband. She suffered in silence, her fear keeping her behind closed doors and away from those who loved her. Finally, this warm, loving and dedicated mother, daughter, sister and friend, was determined to improve her life and the lives of her two children. She and daughter Lexi, 10, and son Brody, 5, left her abuser and secured a restraining order against him. The restraining order wasn’t enough. Mary’s estranged husband waited for her outside of her work on August 3, 2010, and brutally stabbed her multiple times. She was 30 years old.

Mary Daniels and her two children

After her murder, Mary’s friends and family learned of the great need for additional safe housing for women and children escaping violence. They learned about the need for more awareness and education about domestic abuse. Then, they turned their grief into action. They partnered with COMTREA to raise the funds necessary to build another safe house. This safe house would be the final, transitional step after the shelter of A Safe Place. They would name it Mary’s House of Hope at A Safe Place; it would be another step to save women suffering in abusive relationships from the same fate as their beloved daughter, mother and friend. This committed group of loved ones also focuses on community outreach and education, sharing Mary’s heartbreaking story whenever they can.

The man who killed Mary was convicted on November 9, 2011, of first degree murder and armed criminal action. He was sentenced on December 9 of that year to two life terms without the possibility of parole.

Mary’s loved ones hope her story doesn’t end with just the conviction and imprisonment of her abuser. Mary Daniels meant so much more than a court order and a trial, and they hope her life and tragic death serves as a catalyst to help others in need.

Facts and FAQ


Why is the project being called Mary’s House of Hope? Mary Daniel was a woman from Hillsboro who was killed by her estranged husband in 2010. Mary’s family, friends, and supporters have raised over $100,000 for this project.     Who will manage the facility? COMTREA will own and manage the facility. Mary’s House of Hope is    being constructed on ground adjacent to COMTREA’s A Safe Place.  How much money is needed to build the first housing unit and infrastructure? $1.5 million  How much is needed to complete the entire project? $3.5 million  How many housing units will Mary’s House of Hope at A Safe Place Provide? Each house consists of four units (one single bedroom unit, two 2 bedroom units, and one 3 bedroom unit). When all four houses are completed there will be four one bedroom units, eight 2 bedroom units, and four 3 bedroom units (total of 16 units). In addition, there will be two multipurpose rooms. A playground is adjacent to the facilities.  How long will a family reside in transitional housing? Dependent on the family needs, the family can remain in a unit for up to two years.  How will donors be recognized? Donor recognition levels range from $1 to over $250,000.  All donors will be acknowledged on COMTREA’s Virtual Donor Wall. Additional donor recognition is dependent on amount of gift. Opportunities range from a Certificate of Recognition to Naming Opportunities.    What is the project timeline? The ground breaking ceremony was held on March 17, 2017. Public water and sewer has been installed. Site preparation is complete. We are ready to begin construction on the first four unit plexuses. The entire campaign is expected to run for three years.    Is my donation tax deductible? We are a tax exempt 501(C)3 organization and contributions are deductible (please consult your tax adviser).  Milestones March 17th, 2017 (groundbreaking)  Raised our NAP tax credits a year and half early from our original due date (December 2019). Final donation received on May 31st, 2018.


Volunteer Contact

For more information about Mary's House of Hope at A Safe Place, contact Kim Elbl, VP of Marketing and Fundraising, at 636-232-2339.

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