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COMTREA’s Adult Psychiatric Services Department provides psychiatric physician services, medication administration, intake and assessment services, psychosocial rehabilitation services, community support services, crisis intervention and screening services. There are several layers of services within the department based on clinical degree of need.

The basic layer of service for a client is the Adult General Psychiatric Department. A prospective client contacts the agency and is set up with an initial screening. The screener and client will determine the most appropriate level of care for the client and will proceed from that point.

If a client is eligible for the Adult Maintenance Program, then the client will be assigned a case manager who will assist the client in coordinating general mental health care. The case manager and client will meet, as needed, in the office. The case manager will also contact the client on a regular basis to ensure the client’s basic needs are being dealt with; i.e., medication refills, coordination of various doctor appointments, medication education, referrals and linkages to other needed services, etc. The maintenance program is an office-based service. Crisis intervention is also offered and is provided at this level of care as well.

Should a client require a more intensive level of service, the client would be admitted to the Adult Rehabilitation Program. The rehab program is a more intensive, community-based program. The client is assigned a Community Support Specialist (CSS). The CSS will be available to assist the client in attending to their mental and physical health needs as a part of the treatment plan. The CSS will accompany the client into the community and address some or all of the following issues: advocacy, medication and illness education, health and wellness, coping skills, recovery management, housing, nutrition, communication and resource acquisition and other supports as needed.

The CSS is a crucial part of a client’s treatment team. If the assigned CSS is not available and the client needs assistance, then a member of that client’s treatment team will be available for support and intervention.

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