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Jefferson County Legislative Event

COMTREA Mentioned at Jefferson County Legislative Event

June 25, 2018

The Jefferson County Legislative Breakfast took place Thursday, June 21 at Jefferson College. This event provides county agencies and business owners the opportunity to hear directly from State and Federal elected officials the achievements and work completed during their pass session.

COMTREA was mentioned numerous times during the event regarding funding and work on the Opioid Crisis. In addition, Jennifer Hoskins from Senator Roy Blunt’s office spoke of the funds for Quality Mental Health Care.

Representing COMTREA was Lisa Rothweiler, COO, Lisa Wigger, Executive Manager and JCGA Board Member, and Gabby Ayres, AVP Youth Behavioral Health and member of the Jefferson County Drug Prevention Coalition.

Speakers included Elaine Gannon, Becky Ruth, and staff from the offices of Senator Paul Weiland, Senator Roy Blunt, Senator Claire McCaskill, Congresswoman Ann Wagner, Congressman Jason Smith, and Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer.

Special thank you to the Jefferson County Growth Association for hosting this annual event, and our elected officials for their work during this past legislative session.

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Blueprint of new building

A New Beginning. A Safe Future.

June 21, 2018

Mary’s House of Hope at A Safe Place will be a reality! The domestic violence transitional housing complex, which will be located at COMTREA’s A Safe Place, received an anonymous major gift to launch construction of the first of four housing units.

With this gift, the campaign for Mary’s House of Hope at A Safe Place has now raised more than $1 million from generous donors. The first housing unit will have four apartments, each becoming home to up to twenty-two women and children.

Women and children will be enrolled in a self-empowerment program, identifying their own struggles and challenges. Advocates will serve in providing community resources and therapy, while residents move toward independent living. Families may live in the transitional housing complex for up to two years, freeing up immediate shelter at A Safe Place.

A Safe Place, the only domestic violence shelter in Jefferson County, has been serving women and children for 31 years. In 2017, the shelter provided 6,289 nights of safety, but turned away over 1,100 victims due to being at capacity.

We encourage the community to support this life-saving effort. For more information on the project, funding, or donations, contact Kim Elbl, Vice President of Marketing and Fundraising for COMTREA, at 636-232-2339 or visit www.comtrea.org/campaign.

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Woman working

Supportive Employment Services Coming to COMTREA

June 14, 2018

COMTREA is excited to announce offering supportive employment services coming in Fall 2018.

Using evidenced-based practices, we will work with our clients to obtain and keep employment. Highlighted services will include job identification, job search, job coaching, and benefits counseling.

Approximately 60% of participants receiving this service achieve employment, compared to a 23% success rate for more traditional avenues. Furthermore, research shows having a job increases personal recovery goals and performance.

Follow the link below to learn more about disability benefits in Missouri. The online tool provides information for those wanting to work, but afraid of losing income benefits or health insurance.


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Congresswoman, Ann Wagner meeting with COMTREA Leadership

Congresswoman Ann Wagner Visits COMTREA

May 2, 2018

Congresswoman Ann Wagner met with COMTREA leadership to discuss the Opioid Crisis on May 2, 2018.

Nearly 64,000 deaths occur each year from opioid overdose, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Doug Fesler from Adult Behavioral Health at COMTREA spoke on access to care for clients through the new Welcome Center. The Welcome Center offers same-day access to those seeking treatment for substance use and mental health needs. “There are, on average, between 21-29 clients per day that come to our Welcome Center,” said Fesler.

“People that will walk in one place to get the service; that is your prime target,” said Wagner.

“Most psychiatric medications are prescribed by primary care doctors,” explained David Hassis, Behavioral Health Consultant at COMTREA. “People will be more willing to go to primary care. I’m in a place where people are willing to open up. The idea of integrating everything links mental health and physical health care for individuals."

COMTREA offers three locations with comprehensive services in Primary Care, Dental Care, and Mental Health. Individuals like Hassis can better evaluate and prescribe clients, compared to primary care physicians.

“That’s the way of the future,” said Wagner.

One in four people struggle with a mental health crisis or mental illness, whether situational or ongoing,” explained Margo Pigg, Chief Behavioral Health Officer at COMTREA. “Working with you (Wagner) and Senator Roy Blunt with the Missouri Coalition for Behavioral Health will insure we have the services needed when clients need them,” said Pigg.

COMTREA leadership asked Wagner for legislative support to continue our work in the community serving individuals and families.

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