April Showers, May Flowers, and a Stuffed-up Nose

May 1, 2019

For those with allergies, many oral health issues can arise when you have a stuffed-up nose or sinus inflammation.

Stuff-Up Nose: A stuffed-up nose often leads to mouth breathing. This action can cause inflamed gums along those front teeth. This can lead to periodontal issues if it continues long-term.

Take nasal decongestants before bed and keep a glass of water near you for sips throughout the night. The water will help keep those tissues hydrated and prevent the inflammation.

Sinus Inflammation: Sinuses are so close to the roots of your teeth that when they are inflamed or enlarged, they can actually cause your teeth to shift and hit harder when you chew and talk. This constant banging and pressure on the roots of the teeth may feel like a toothache!

First try gargling with salt water - sometimes this can help release sinus drainage. See your dentist and primary care physician to see what you can do to relieve this pain and pressure.

Watery Eyes and Nose: Some preventive medication may lead to oral health issues. Antihistamines can dry out your mucous membranes and lead to dry mouth. A dry mouth can allow bacteria and food to accumulate and cause cavities. See your dentist for products that can help with this short-term problem.

Sore Throat & Post Nasal Drip: The leading issue of a sore throat and nasal drip is bad breath. Using a mouthwash in the morning and at night following brushing and flossing should prevent bad breath. Also, make sure you stay hydrated!

The great news about all of these issues is that they are short-term. As long as you frequently visit your primary care doctor and your dentist, many of these issues will be prevented. 

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