Dental Education: How Exercise Helps Your Teeth

January 8, 2019

With the New Year upon us, many people take this as an opportunity to improve their health with various resolutions. Some will vow to start working out, attempt to eat better, or even replace bad habits with good routines.

This poses a very important question about your oral health! Do any of these New Year’s resolutions help your teeth and gums? The answer is YES!

According to, exercise can actually improve your dental health, while improving overall health.

Exercise helps reduce the toxins found in your body, and also helps reduce C-reactive proteins. This is all part of the inflammatory response in your body.

Reduction in the C-reactive proteins and inflammation improves the healing ability of your gum tissue, which helps support your teeth.

Along with exercise, making good choices when eating helps improve your oral health, and of course, your overall health.

When your body is receiving the correct types and amounts of nutrients needed, it functions much better. This includes being able to heal and support the needs of your teeth, gum tissue, and the bones supporting your teeth.

As you think about New Year’s resolutions, consider adding physical activity and a great dental care routine, like visiting your dentist twice a year!

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